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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:MTL
Block size:4096
Domains in block
Organization:Malawi Telecommunications Limited
Parent block:
MW, Malawi
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 32
AS36969LoopbacksLoopback addresses for routing infrastructure
MW, Blantyre 16
AS36969Blantyre-Core-IP-rangeBlantyre Core IP range
MW, Blantyre 16
MW, Blantyre 16
AS36969Blantyre-ServersMTL Servers at the Blantyre POP
MW, Blantyre 16
AS36969Mzuzu-POPMTL routers at Mzuzu POP
MW, Blantyre 16
AS36969Zomba-POPMTL routers at Zomba POP
MW, Blantyre 16
AS36969Mangochi-POPMTL routers at Mangochi POP
MW, Blantyre 128
AS36969MPLS-CoreIP/MPLS core infrastructure
MW, Blantyre 256
AS36969Customer-Networks-SouthInternet customers
MW, Blantyre 256
AS36969Customer-NetworksInternet Customers
MW, Blantyre 128
AS36969Customer-Networks-SouthInternet Customer prefixes
MW, Blantyre 128
AS36969TNMTNM is a mobile phone operator offering GPRS and 3G internet services based in Blantyre
MW, Blantyre 1024
AS36969CDMA-EVDOA dynamically assigned pool of addresses for MTL's CDMA-EVDO service.
MW 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS36969xDSL-StaticPool of addresses statically assigned to customers on MTL's xDSL service.
MW, Blantyre 256
AS36969Customer-Networks-SouthPoint to Point Internet links – Southern region
MW, Lilongwe 256
AS36969Customer-Networks-CenterPoint to Point Internet links – Central region
MW, Lilongwe 512
AS36969xDSL-DynamicThis is a dynamically assigned IP pool for our ADSL service
MW 256
AS36969MPLS-VPN-BlantyrePoint to point links for L3 VPN services in Blantyre
MW, Blantyre 256
AS36969MPLS-VPN-LilongweMPLS L3 VPN point to point links for Lilongwe customers
MW, Lilongwe