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United States  
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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:NET206
Block size:16777216
Domains in block
Parent block:
US, United States, Chantilly
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 196608
AS: variousCOGENT-206-0-1-2-16 PSINet, Inc.
US, Washington 8192
AS4694CWIDC-206-3Yahoo Japan Corporation
JP, Tokyo 319488
AS: variousCOGENT-206-4-14 PSINet, Inc.
US, Washington 262144
AS5006ONVOY-206-8-0-0-14 Onvoy
US, Plymouth 65536
AS271BC-206-12-BLK BCnet
CA, Vancouver 32768
AS7018SBCIS-SIS80 AT&T Internet Services
US, Richardson 32768
unannouncedRADIANZ-206-13-128-0RADIANZ Americas, Inc.
US, New York City 65536
AS2914NTTA-206-14NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 8192
AS3356LEVEL8-CIDR Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 8192
unannouncedNET2-DRANETData Research Associates, Inc.
US, Lehi 8192
AS3549TWTC-NETBLK-2 tw telecom holdings, inc.
US, Littleton 8192
AS: variousNET-206-15-96-021st Century Fox
US, New York City 16384
AS: variousBROADVOICE-NET-4Cyberdyne Innovations LLC
US, Northridge 8192
AS: variousPJC-INDEPENDENTPiper Jaffray Companies
US, Minneapolis 8192
AS395226SCOOPNET Sacramento County Office of Education
US, Sacramento 262144
US, San Diego 65536
AS7270IOSNET-4 IDT Corporation
US, Piscataway 65536
US, Columbus 65536
AS: variousADS-17CDK Global, LLC
US, Hoffman Estates 65536
AS19956TEN-CBLKTennessee Board of Regents
US, Nashville 32768
AS3561SAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 8192
AS1273CW-INTERNETACCESS-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York 266240
AS: variousSAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 2048
AS: variousLIFESCRIPTLifeScript 2048
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 53248
AS: variousSAVVISSavvis
US, Town and Country 4096
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 8192
AS: variousTMOBI4-COST-Mobile USA Inc.
US, Bellevue 147456
AS: variousSAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 262144
AS3356LVLT-ORG-206-32 Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 262144
AS: variousDNIC-NETBLK-206-036DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 8192
unannouncedSNA-BLK2Sacramento Network Access, Inc.
US, Sacramento 8192
AS: variousTIMS-CIDR3 The Internet Mainstreet, Inc.
US, Chicago 8192
AS3561SAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 8192
US, Green Bay 8192
US, Town and Country 4096
AS: variousCIA-1 Complete Internet Access, Inc.
US, Newton 4096
AS19856BRAZOSPORTBrazosport College
US, Lake Jackson 8192
AS4565MEGAPATH-BLK-39MegaPath Networks Inc.
US, Pleasanton 8192
AS32592HT-IDS-224 HuntTel
US, Hammond 8192
AS3549LVLT-ORG-206-41 Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 4096
AS32592HT-IDS-32 HuntTel
US, Hammond 4096
US, Chicago 2048
unannouncedCYBERPORTS01Cyberports, Inc.
US, Pleasanton 2048
GB, Cheadle 4096
AS: variousFIBRENOIRE-INTERNET Fibrenoire Inc.
CA, Montreal 2048
unannouncedLOA-BLOCK-1 Log-On America, Inc.
US, Providence 256
unannouncedVANIX4-1Skyway West
CA, Vancouver 256
unannouncedPHOENIX-IX-IPV4-PEERING-1Phoenix-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedAMS-IX-USA-BA1AMS-IX US Inc.
US, Wilmington 256
unannouncedJAMAICA-INTERNET-EXCHANGEOffice of Utilities Regulation
JM, Kingston 256
US, Miami 256
unannouncedTAHOEIX-V4-PEERINGTahoe Internet Exchange (TahoeIX)
US, Reno 256
US, Chicago 256
unannouncedCL-IX-STR1Clearcable Network Services
CA, Hamilton 4096
US, Seattle 4096
unannouncedIONETInternet Oklahoma
US, Ashburn 4096
AS22402NEXTERANET-1Nextera Communications LLC
US, Brainerd 8192
AS: variousTHOUGHTPORTThoughtPort Networking Svcs
US, Middletown 8192
US, Baltimore 8192
AS4574MISNET-DOMInternet Solutions
US, Jackson 131072
US, Washington 65536
AS: variousASD3American Standard, Inc.
US, La Crosse 65536
AS7122MTS-206-45-MB-CA MTS Inc.
CA, Winnipeg 65536
AS: variousGTEN-206-46MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 65536
AS577WORLDLINX03 Bell Canada
CA, Ottawa 65536
AS5511EQUANT-BLK1 Equant,Inc.
US, OakHill 65536
AS5511EQUANT-BLK2 Equant, Inc.
US, Oak Hill 65536
AS2914NTTA-206-50NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 256
unannouncedCRITICAL1Critical Hub Networks
PR, San Juan 256
AS13319DTOL-2Data Tech Online
CA, Stittsville 512
unannouncedQ-INTERNALQuadravision Communications, Inc
CA, Toronto 256
AS5071FIGNETFigment Technologies
CA, Toronto 256
unannouncedLUNET24Town of Fort Frances
CA, Fort Frances 256
unannouncedLUNET23Town of Fort Frances
CA, Fort Frances 256
unannouncedKCIXKansas City Internet eXchange
US, Kansas City 2048
AS: variousNIELSEN-CANielsen Marketing Research
CA, Markham 1536
unannouncedGTA-CAGamma Tau Associates Inc.
CA, Mississauga 256
unannouncedALBEDO-NETAlbedo Net
CA, Toronto 256
AS11647GLEGG-COMGlegg Water Conditioning Inc.
CA, Guelph 256
AS11647HYPER-COMHypercube Inc.
CA, Waterloo 256
AS11647DELCEN-COMDelta Dentre for Learning Technologies
CA, Guelph 256
AS18705RIMBB-IPV4-01Research In Motion Limited
CA, Waterloo 256
unannouncedBBS42-COMBBS 42
CA, Guelph 256
AS40028COMSTYLE-NETComStyle Associates
CA, Toronto 256
AS62900CYBERSTUPH-2CyberStuph Internet Services
CA, Hamilton 256
unannouncedTELEHOUSETELEHOUSE International Corp. of America
US, Staten Island 256
unannouncedLUNET-DRYDEN-TOWNTown of Dryden
CA, Thunder Bay 256
unannouncedLUNET28Geraldton Board of Education - Geraldton
CA, Geraldton 256
AS397122CHEQ-08-2015Chequamegon Communications Cooperative, Inc.
US, Cable 256
unannouncedLUNET31Wilson Memorial Hospital
CA, Marathon 256
AS393898ALWAYSONAlwaysON Internet
US, Pocatello 1024
unannouncedEQUINIX-CX-NAT Equinix, Inc.
US, Redwood City 2048
US, Denver 4096
AS397360TSTCHARLINGENTexas State Technical College Harlingen
US, Harlingen 8192
AS22561LIGHTCORE-IP3 LightCore, a CenturyTelCompany
US, Chesterfield 4096
AS15142ADSI-NET-001Automated Data Systems, Inc
US, Michigan City 4096
AS8134UP-NETBaraga Telephone Company
US, Baraga 16384
US, New Knoxville 8192
AS: variousENVENTIS-BLK-2 Enventis Telecom Inc.
US, Duluth 4096
AS: variousNOC4HOSTSNOC4Hosts Inc.
US, Tampa 2048
AS23352SCN-10Server Central Network
US, Chicago 1536
AS: variousINTR-MAGMA Magma Communications Ltd.
CA, Ottawa 512
AS: variousWOODYNWoodyNet
US, Berkeley 65536
AS2914NTTA-206-52NTT America, Inc.
JP, Osaka 1024
AS7029ONECOM-206-53 Earthlink, Inc.
AS40321EMIGRANT-BANKEmigrant Bank
US, Elmsford 2048
AS40405COASTAL-LINKCoastal-link Communications LLC
US, Brazoria 4096
AS: variousPCIPrecision Communications, Inc.
US, Colorado Springs 2048
unannouncedFOURNETFOURnet Information Network
US, West Wareham 2048
AS18969KUTECH-NET-1Knowledge Learning Corporation
US, Portland 4096
AS: variousVELCOM-20-1Velcom
CA, Brampton 8192
AS11776NETWORKSCOPE MetroCast Communications of Connecticut, LLC
US, Waterford 8192
unannouncedAIAAIA Inc.
US, Milpitas 256
US, Charlotte 256
unannouncedRVAIXRichmond Virginia Internet Exchange
US, Ashland 256
unannouncedOKIIXIIX Corp.
US, Homer Glen 256
unannouncedM-IXMidwest Internet Exchange LLC
US, Noblesville 256
unannouncedYEGIX-V4YEGIX Internet Exchange Community Ltd.
CA, Edmonton 256
DM, Roseau 256
AS64213ELITE-IX-NET1eLIT Exchange
US, Asheville 256
unannouncedNETBLK-MASSIX-ARIN-1TowardEX Technologies International, Inc.
US, Bangor 4096
AS18705RIMBB-IPV4-03BlackBerry Limited
CA, Waterloo 2048
AS: variousTELEBYTE-NETTelebyte NW
US, Silverdale 1792
unannouncedMEGAPORTUSAINC-USMegaport (USA) Inc.
US, San Francisco 256
US, Aurora 4096
AS16413TBINET-01 Telebermuda International Limited
BM 2048
AS15011JAGUAR-1 Jaguar Communications
US, Owatonna 256
unannouncedAL-MIXCity of Montgomery
US, Montgomery 256
unannouncedSUPRNET-IPV4Southern Utah Peering Regional Network
US, Saint George 256
unannouncedDNA-DFWDE-CIX North America Inc.
US, Dallas 256
unannouncedMEGAPORTUSAINC-CAMegaport (USA) Inc.
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedOI-V4-1OHIO IX
US, Worthington 256
unannouncedMEGAPORTUSAINC-LVMegaport (USA) Inc.
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedMEGAPORTUSAINC-ORMegaport (USA) Inc.
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedALOHA-IXPhoenix-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 4096
AS: variousIHEARTMEDIA-BLOCK-1iHeartCommunications, Inc.
US, San Antonio 8192
AS7332IQUEST-BLK IQuest Internet
US, Indianapolis 16384
AS2914NTTA-206-54NTT America, Inc.
JP, Osaka 16384
AS: variousWYOMINGNET-BLK wyoming.com
US, Riverton 4096
AS2033NNENorth by Northeast Networks, Inc.
US, Bronxville 4096
AS: variousCTC-INETFidelity National Financial Inc.
US, Jacksonville 8192
AS: variousNET-DFW2 DFW Internet Services, Inc.
US, North Richland Hills 8192
US, Houston 8192
unannouncedLVLT-ORG-206-54-224 Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 16384
AS2914NTTA-206-55NTT America, Inc.
JP, Osaka 4096
AS14536SOLNET-BLK-1sol.net Network Services
US, Milwaukee 4096
AS21548NETBLOCK-MTO-02MTO Telecom Inc.
CA, Montreal 1024
unannouncedTISHNET1TISHNET - The Information SuperHighway (TISH) Corp.
US, Orlando 1024
AS: variousSWRX-01SecureWorks Inc.
US, Atlanta 2048
AS: variousWINTERTON-B4-SIMPLECDNSimpleCDN Technologies, Inc.
US, Seattle 4096
AS22576LAYEREDTECHLayered Technologies, Inc.
US, Jersey City 8192
unannouncedNET-206-55-128-0-1Infinity Internet, Inc.
US, Vancouver 1024
unannouncedGN-NET-BLKGateway Networks, Inc
US, Seattle 1024
US, Boston 2048
AS: variousBB-CVC-INTENET CVC Internet, LLC
US 4096
AS10242USINET-BLK US Internet Corp
US, Minnetonka 1024
US, Visalia 1024
unannouncedLINX-NOVALINX USA Inc
US, Wilmington 2048
unannouncedAUTONATION-PUB-BLOCK2Autonation, Inc
US, Fort Lauderdale 4096
AS33618SERVLET-LLC-NET Servlet Internet Services Company LLC
US, Yellow Springs 8192
AS: variousMBAYNET-BLK-1 Monterey Bay Internet
US, Austin 32768
unannouncedRADIANZ-206-56-0-0RADIANZ Americas, Inc.
US, New York City 32768
AS: variousCLECONETCleco Corporation
US, Pineville 32768
AS3549LVLT-ORG-206-57 Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 32768
AS: variousWAYNENETWayne County Regional EducationalService Agency
US, Wayne 65536
AS2914NTTA-206-58NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 65536
AS14654WAYPORT-206-59-NETWayport, Inc.
US, Austin 65536
unannouncedRADIANZ-206-60-0-0RADIANZ Americas, Inc.
US, New York City 65536
US, Reston 65536
AS: variousCOGENT-206-62-16 AGIS
US, Washington 65536
AS1982NWNEXUS-BLK4 Northwest Nexus Inc.
US, Redmond 262144
AS701NETBLK-UUNETCBLK64-67 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 131072
AS2914NTTA-206-68NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 65536
unannouncedTRU-COMToys "R" Us
US, Seattle 2048
unannouncedLYCEUM-2Lyceum Internet
US, Atlanta 256
unannouncedVEGAS-IX-IPV4Phoenix-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedRICHMOND-IX-IPV4Phoenix-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedMIX-STLMidwest Internet Exchange LLC
US, Noblesville 256
unannouncedYXEXI-V4Saskatoon Internet Exchange Inc
CA, Saskatoon 256
US, Miami 256
unannouncedSACRAMENTO-IX-IPV4Ninja-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedTUCSON-IXP-IPV4Ninja-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedTRC-VITelecommunications Regulatory Commission
VG, Road Town 4096
AS: variousFNISFidelity National Information Services, Inc.
US, Brown Deer 4096
AS14263DDNNET-BLK-2South Dakota State Government
US, Pierre 4096
AS22418GALAX-NETBLK-2Galaxyvisions Inc
US, Brooklyn 8192
US, Salt Lake City 8192
AS: variousNET-206-71-96-0-2-HNSNET Hughes Network Systems
US, Germantown 2048
unannouncedPACLINKPacLink Communications
US, Pasadena 256
US, Gardena 256
unannouncedMONIX-IPV4CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet
CA, Ottawa 256
unannouncedHOUSTON-IX-IPV4Ninja-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedDALLAS-IX-IPV4Ninja-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
US, Portland 256
unannouncedPITIX-V4Pittsburgh Internet Exchange
US, Pittsburgh 256
unannouncedMDCIPV4McAllen Data Center, LLC
US, McAllen 256
unannouncedCHARLOTTE-IX-IPV4Ninja-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 4096
AS: variousMEGATECHIE-NET-1 Megatechie
US, Patchogue 8192
AS6130AIS-SDTC-NETBLK-1 American Internet Services, LLC.
US, San Diego 8192
AS12033ADNW-NETAdams NetWorks, Inc.
US, Golden 8192
US, Princeton 16384
AS5056NETINS-BLK2 netINS, Inc.
US, Des Moines 8192
AS10993AERIO-206-72-64-0 Aerioconnect
US, Newbury Park 4096
AS11045STERLING-INTERNETSterling Communications
US, Portland 4096
US, Charlotte 8192
unannouncedUUNET-206-72 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 8192
unannouncedPCTV21NETPittsburgh Community Television (PCTV)
US, Pittsburgh 4096
AS19318INTERSERVERInterserver, Inc
US, Secaucus 256
unannouncedMBIX-PEERING-V4Manitoba Internet Exchange Inc
CA, Winnipeg 256
AS16526ALBANYNET-BLK1Birch Telecom, Inc.
US, Kansas City 512
US, Denver 1024
AS394111FRTCCNETFoothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc.
US, Staffordsville 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 8192
AS30029GARNET-BLK-1Global Access Resources, Inc
US, Oklahoma City 65536
AS5400INFOLAN-BLK3 INFONET Services Corporation
US, El Segundo 65536
AS2711IAVE-4 Spirit Communications
US, Columbia 65536
AS852TELUS-206-75-0-0 TELUS Communications Inc.
CA, Burnaby 131072
AS: variousTHENET-CIDR-5 University of Texas System
US, Austin 65536
AS: variousSCOOPNET4 Kings County Office of Education
US, Hanford 65536
AS3561SAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 8192
AS3549TWTC-NETBLK-7 tw telecom holdings, inc.
US, Littleton 8192
AS2914NTTA-206-80-32NTT America, Inc.
US, Ashburn 8192
AS20340APPIA-NET2Michigan ComNet, Inc
US, Traverse City 8192
AS: variousSPRO-NET-206-80-96 SOLUTION PRO
US, Boise 8192
AS: variousFYINET-BLK-1FYI Networks
US, Valencia 8192
AS701GRID-NET MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 8192
AS209QWEST-INET-107 Qwest Communications Company, LLC
US, Monroe 2048
unannouncedMINT-BLK-1The Maine InternetWorks, Inc.
US, Waterville 256
unannouncedRICHMOND-IX-IPV4Richmond-IX Corporation
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedKCDD5-NET1KC Digital Drive, Inc
US, Kansas City 256
unannouncedPHILLYIXPhiladelphia Internet Exchange
US, Philadelphia 1280 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
CA, Ottawa 8192
AS: variousPILOT-NETBLK-2 Pilot Network Services, Inc
US, Alameda 8192
AS2828ALGX-ABI-BLK17XO Communications
US, Herdon 4096
US, Englewood 1024
unannouncedSEATTLEIX-V4Seattle Internet Exchange, Inc.
US, Seattle 1024
AS26570ETC-NOC-LITHExcalibur Technology Corporation
US, Barrington 2048
AS7018ASTACArctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.
US, Anchorage 2048
US, Napa 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
unannouncedBAI-SWIP-258 Bel Air Internet, LLC
US, Sherman Oaks 8192
AS209QWEST-INET-108 Qwest Communications Company, LLC
US, Monroe 1024
AS: variousTEXELNETTexel International, Inc.
US, North Brunswick 1024
AS11523A-MOFFITT-USH. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Inc.
US, Tampa 2048
AS: variousSSI-NETWORK Systems Solutions of Paducah, Inc.
US, Paducah 4096
AS: variousFUZE-206-81-176Fuzebox Software Corporation
US, Cambridge 8192
AS209QWEST-INET-109 Qwest Communications Company, LLC
US, Monroe 8192
AS: variousEDEN-NB-1Adhesive Media, Inc.
US, Humble 4096
unannouncedRDS-BLK001Rational Data Systems
US, Novato 4096
AS: variousLAN-LEB-IU-13Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
US, Lancaster 8192
AS2914NTTA-206-82-32NTT America, Inc.
JP, Osaka 8192
AS7029WINDSTREAM-COMMUNICATIONS Windstream Communications Inc
US, Little Rock 2048
unannouncedTIO-BLK-1The Internet Outsourcing Group, TIOcom
US, Parkland 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
AS11471TXOL-INTERNETEastland Internet
US, Eastland 4096
US, Wilmington 4096
US, Naperville 1024
unannouncedBELCOM-NETBelCom, Inc.
US, New York City 1024
AS: variousMANORCAREHCR Manorcare
US, toledo 2048
AS40514PAML-BLK-01Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories
US, Spokane 4096
US, Overland Park 8192
AS5693NETWORK-206-82-192-0-19 Latisys-Irvine, LLC
US, Irvine 8192
AS: variousDECADE-BLK1 Decade Communications
US, Woodland Hills 2048
AS: variousJET-NET Jet.Net Internet Services
US, Ventura 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
US, Flora 2048
AS: variousNAME-BLK-1Savvis
US, Monroe 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
AS33563THEMETThe Methodist Hospital
US, Houston 8192
AS2828XOXO-BLK-8 XO Communications
US, Herdon 8192
US, Denver 2048
unannouncedCROSSROADS-BLKCrossroads Internet, Inc
US, Mesa 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 4096
AS: variousGENWORTHGenworth North America Corporation
US, Richmond 8192
AS26978CIRN-NETBLOCK09 Carpathia Hosting, Inc.
US, Ashburn 1024
AS11893IV-NETInterVision, Inc.
US, Chicago 1024
US, Norfolk 2048
AS32654TWRS Towerstream I, Inc.
US, Middletown 4096
US, Frederick 131072
US, Washington 65536
AS2914NTTA-206-86NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 65536
AS271BR-COL-7 BCnet
CA, Vancouver 524288
unannouncedADP-AUTONET ADP, INC.
US, Roseland 16384
US, Town and Country 8192
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 47104
AS: variousSAVVISSavvis
US, Town and Country 2048
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 153600
AS: variousSAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 2048
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 294912
AS: variousSAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 262144
US, Reston 256
AS393424NET-TORIX-V4Toronto Internet Exchange Community
CA, Toronto 256
unannouncedVERMITHRAX-CDataFix Technologies
CA, Toronto 256
unannouncedMSSN-BC-CAMission Community Skills Centre
CA, Mission 256
unannouncedWLLK-BC-CACariboo Chilcotin Community Skills Centre
CA, Williams Lake 1024
AS25706INTERLINKCI-S22-1Interlink Connectivity Inc
CA, Toronto 512
unannouncedKPP-DOM1Knowledge Plus Multimedia Publishing
CA, Toronto 512
AS: variousOLDS-COLLEGEOlds College
CA, Olds 1024
unannouncedMOONSTAR-CAMoonstar Technology Integration Corp
CA, Hamilton 4096
AS852TELAC-BLK1TELUS Communications Inc.
CA, Burnaby 256
AS23139PGCSCOLA Workplace Skills Training Centre
US, West Palm Beach 256
unannouncedBASPBuy and Sell Press
CA, New Westminster 512
unannouncedNET-TORIX-V4Toronto Internet Exchange Community
CA, Toronto
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