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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:NET205
Block size:16777216
Domains in block
Parent block:
US, United States, Chantilly
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 3670016
AS: variousDNIC-SNET-205-000DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 4063232
AS: variousNETBLK-NIC-BLK1Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)
AS: variousWESTNETUT-NETUtah Education Network
US, Salt Lake City 262144
AS3356LVLT-ORG-205-128 Level 3 Communications, Inc.
US, Broomfield 1024
AS54735TTGSI-NET2TT Government Solutions, Inc.
US, Basking Ridge 1024
AS: variousBELLCORE-QIPTelcordia Technologies
US, Piscataway 2048
AS: variousAAP1Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
US, Roanoke 2048
AS13649HMSINCHealth Management Systems Inc.
US, Irving 2048
unannouncedTRS1Teacher Retirement System of Texas
US, Austin 2048
AS: variousPRESCIENTPrescient Applied Intelligence, Inc.
US, Salt Lake City 1280
AS: variousEMU-EDUEastern Mennonite University
US, Harrisonburg 256
AS54440VIWA-DC01Ticket View
US, Carson City 512
US, Berkeley 2048
AS: variousTETNTexas Education Telecommunication Network
US, Austin 2048
unannouncedS4SNETSystems 4-Site Ltd.
US, Plano 2048
unannouncedTELERES-NETTELERES, a partnership of Dow Jones and Aegon
US, Dayton 2048
AS: variousCENTERIORCenterior Energy Corporation
US, Akron 2048
AS: variousSEMC2St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Inc.
US, Edgewood 1536
unannouncedLLOYDSUSA2Lloyds Bank Plc
US, New York City 512
AS7234FRC-NETWORKRussell Investments
US, Seattle 2048
unannouncedCREIGHTONK12Creighton Elementary School District
US, Phoenix 2048
US, Columbia 2048
US, Atlanta 2048
unannouncedMOFO-NET4Morrison & Foerster
US, San Francisco 2048
AS: variousPALOMA-2Paloma Partners
US, Greenwich 2048
AS: variousNEWMONT2Newmont Gold Co.
US, Carlin 2048
US, Gainesville 2048
US, Saint Petersburg 2048
AS: variousSHS-1Sierra Health Services Inc.
US, Las Vegas 2048
AS: variousTKTMSTR-C1TicketMaster
US, West Hollywood 2048
unannouncedABCBSNETUSAble Mutual Insurance Company
US, Little Rock 2048
unannouncedJMCJPMorgan Chase & Co.
US, New York City 2048
unannouncedBARLOWORLD-02Barloworld Handling LLC
US, Charlotte 2048
unannouncedSFVAMCDepartment of Veteran Affairs
US, San Francisco 2048
unannouncedMETHHOSPSA-2Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital
US, San Antonio 2048
AS: variousDAY-PITNEY-LLPDay Pitney LLP
US, Hartford 2048
unannouncedALC-FUJIKURA-2Alcoa Fujikura Ltd.
US, Brentwood 2048
US, Lake Success 2048
unannouncedHSAS.K. Hynix America Inc.
US, San Jose 2048
AS2152SHSCENTENIALSequoia Union High School District
US, Redwood City 65536
US, Columbus 8192
AS: variousSULLIVAN1Sullivan & Cromwell
US, New York 8192
AS: variousBROTHERNETBrother International Corporation
US, Bridgewater 8192
AS: variousBAIN2Bain and Company, Inc.
US, Boston 8192
unannouncedCSXINETCSX Intermodal
US, Hunt Valley 8192
US, Canton 8192
AS6405AINET-BLK American Information Network
US, Beltsville 8192
AS20394NWRAIN2 NorthWest RAINet, Inc.
US, Lacey 8192
AS17139CORPCOLO-NET Corporate Colocation Inc.
US, Los Angeles 65536
AS: variousJHICJohn Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.)
US, Boston 65536
AS3561SAVVIS Savvis
US, TownandCountry 4096
unannouncedPATTONBOGGSPatton Boggs, L.L.P.
US, Washington 4096
AS23005MGM2Metro Goldwyn Mayer/United Artist Inc
US, Santa Monica 4096
AS32709VIGOK12INDVigo County School Corp.
US, Terre Haute 4096
AS174COGENT-205-137-48-20 AGIS
US, Washington 4096
AS: variousSANOFI-NA-16Sanofi Aventis US LLC
US, Bridgewater 4096
AS377SNL-NETPSandia National Laboratories
US, Albuquerque 4096
AS14381CATFINANCIALCaterpillar Financial Services Corporation
US, Nashville 4096
AS: variousBAIN3Bain and Company, Inc.
US, Boston 4096
unannouncedCROWLEYCrowley Maritime Corporation
US, Oakland 4096
AS: variousAMERICAN-BANKERS-ASSOCIATIONAmerican Bankers Association
US, Washington 4096
AS: variousFLINFlint Group Incorporated
US, Plymouth 4096
US, Moon Twp. 4096
AS: variousSMAT-ISPSprint Multimedia
US, Kansas City 4096
AS7046CIA10Central Intelligence Agency
US, Washington 4096
AS: variousNEWMONTNewmont Gold Co.
US, Carlin 4096
AS11686TN-SCS-1Shelby County Schools
US, Nashville 176128
AS: variousSAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 4096
unannouncedCW-CARIBBEAN-NETCable & Wireless Americas Operations, Inc.
US, New York City 16384
AS3561SAVVIS Savvis
US, Town and Country 16384
AS32629CHARLOTTENCCity of Charlotte
US, Charlotte 16384
AS: variousGREENTREEGreen Tree Financial Corporation
US, St. Paul 16384
AS26059PITTNETCity of Pittsburgh
US, Pittsburgh 10240
AS: variousHPESHewlett-Packard Company
US, Palo Alto 1024
AS14893SAGINAW-PRIMARYCovenant Medical Center, Inc.
US, Saginaw 1024
US, Salt Lake City 4096
AS: variousFNISFidelity National Information Services, Inc.
US, Brown Deer 1024
unannouncedBAC-205-142-0-0-1Bank of America
US, Fleming Island 768
US, Jackson 256
AS54485PCOMPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
US, Philadelphia 1024
US, Reno 512
unannouncedKNOWLEDGE-1Knowledge Dynamics Corporation
US, San Antonio 512
AS54629AFSTORES-NETAssociated Food Stores, Inc.
US, Salt Lake City 1024
unannouncedWIRELESSDATANETWORKCellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
US, Bedminster 512
US, Santa Ana 512
unannouncedFADIS-1First American Real Estate Solutions
US, Anaheim 1024
unannouncedSANOFI-NA-4Sanofi Aventis US LLC
US, Bridgewater 1024
unannouncedLYCEUM-BLKLyceum Internet
US, Atlanta 1024
unannouncedSPACEWORKSSpaceWorks, Inc.
US, - 1024
unannouncedMATRIX2MATRIX Telecom
US, Fort Worth 1024
unannouncedEDM-IP-02EDM International
US, El Paso 768
unannouncedXDSXerox Corporation
US, El Segundo 256
unannouncedMRIS-NETMetropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc.
US, Rockville 1024
AS3356AMDAHL2Amdahl Corporation
US, Santa Clara 1024
AS4546BUSINESSWEEKThe McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
US, Hightstown 1024
AS33414KENT-ADMINKent County Information Systems
US, Grand Rapids 1024
AS: variousJSPJSP International, LLC
US, Wayne 512
AS: variousNSPInsperity Services, L.P. 512 No data/Free/Unallocated 1024
unannouncedJBHNETJB Hanauer & Company
US, Parsippany 1024
unannouncedAELAEL Industries, Inc.
US, Richardson 1024
AS46261WEBPRO-BLK-1Web Professionals, Inc.
US, San Francisco 1024
unannouncedREMEC-INCREMEC Inc
US, San Diego 1024
unannouncedVARCOORANGE1Varco Shaffer
US, Houston 1024
US, Henniker 1024
AS: variousNEWELL-NET5Rubbermaid Commercial Products Inc.
US, Freeport 1024
AS33238ARGINETiPacesetters LLC
US, Montvale 1024
unannouncedFEMA-NET-2Federal Emergency Management Agency
US, Washington 1024
unannouncedSCHRODERWERTSchroder Werthein Co. Inc.
US, New York City 1024
AS: variousCARLSBAD-2City of Carlsbad
US, Carlsbad 1024
AS2386CTGNETComputer Task Group
US, Buffalo 1024
AS36015MAURYREGNETMaury Regional Hospital
US, Columbia 1024
unannouncedTELERES-NET-2DJA Partners DBA Teleres
US, Dayton 1024
unannouncedPA-NET-1Primary Access Corporation
US, San Diego 1024
unannouncedNDICAISNational Drug Intelligence Center 1024
unannouncedVBRKVacation Break USA
US, Fort Lauderdale 1024
unannouncedRELM-COMM-2Relm Communications
US, Melbourne 1024
AS394516NAPACO-2County of Napa MIS
US, Napa 1024
unannouncedKERNCOUNTYKern County
US, Bakersfield 1024
AS7828DREAMSCAPE-BLK6 Northland Communications
US, Syracuse 1024
unannouncedHABITATHabitat for Humanity International
US, Americus 1024
unannouncedANDRITZ-NAAndritz Sprout-Bauer Co., Inc.
US, Muncy 1024
unannouncedEFUELSElectric Fuels Corporation
US, Saint Petersburg 1024
AS26252WIREMOLDThe Wiremold Company
US, West Hartford 1024
unannouncedUS-DEPARTMENT-OF-THE-TREASURYUS Department of the Treasury
US, Washington 1024
unannouncedBFGJET-2JET Electronics and Technology
US, Grand Rapids 1024
US, Peoria 1024
unannouncedROOFTOPRooftop Communications Corp.
US, Los Altos 1024
unannouncedTHISNETThoroughbred Health Information System, Inc.
US, Louisville 1024
AS: variousLANDAUERLandauer, Inc.
US, Glenwood 1024
unannounced3C3C Consulting Corporation
US, Lombard 1024
AS17089CHMCCChildren's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati
US, Cincinnati 1024
unannouncedWHS-ENWaukesha Health System
US, Waukesha 1024
unannouncedVHSLA-NETValue Health Sciences
US, Santa Monica 1024
unannouncedWATERPRO-2WaterPro Supplies Corp.
US, Edina 1024
unannouncedCLGP-DOM1Calame Linebarger Graham & Pena, LLP
US, Austin 1024
AS33701CPSBConcordia Parish School Board
US, Vidalia 1024
unannouncedDUPAGEDuPage Sheriff's Office
US, Wheaton 1024
AS: variousSERENASerena Software, Inc.
US, San Mateo 1024
unannouncedBESTPRODBest Products Company, Inc
US, Richmond 1024
AS8025CMI-DOM1The Charles Machine Works, Inc.
US, Perry 1024
US, Kansas City 1024
AS: variousCROSSCOMPANYCross Sales & Engineering Co.
US, Greensboro 1024
unannouncedCORBISCorbis Corporation
US, Seattle 1024
AS33606JCDHJefferson County Department of Health
US, Birmingham 1024
AS: variousSCHWANS-SHARED-SERVICESSchwan's Shared Services, LLC.
US, Marshall 2048
AS32682HOME-TOWN-CABLEHome Town Telephone, LLC
US, Port Saint Lucie 2048
unannouncedAAAWASHAAA Washington
US, Bellevue 2048
unannouncedACMCAtlantic Cellular Management Company
US, Providence 2048
unannouncedMIDWEST-TECHMidwest Technical, Inc.
US, Kingsport 2048
AS: variousTRIGONAnthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
US, Indianapolis 1024
AS: variousSMULE-02Smule Inc. 512
AS27580CONVERGEONEConvergeOne Holdings Corp 256
AS53360ISG-IPV4Integral Solutions Group 256
AS393238IMON-DIRECT9ImOn Communications, LLC 2048
AS: variousSPOKANECNTYSpokane County - Information Systems Department
US, Spokane 2048
unannouncedBCCC8Baltimore City Community College
US, Baltimore 2048
AS: variousWRNBROWarner Bros. Records
US, Burbank 2048
AS: variousINTERVOICE-TXInterVoice, Inc.
US, Dallas 2048
US, Thorofare 2048
unannouncedLBMC-2Department of Veteran Affairs
US, Long Beach 2048
unannouncedBAC-FLEET-CREDIT-CARD-SERVICESBank of America
US, Fleming Island 2048
unannouncedNEWMONT-2Newmont Gold Co.
US, Carlin 2048
unannouncedAAP2Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
US, Roanoke 2048
AS22773GIA-NETGemological Institute of America
US, Carlsbad 2048
AS: variousRANDMCNALLYRand McNally Inc.
US, Skokie 2048
AS396334ORUOral Roberts University
US, Tulsa 2048
AS: variousBT-CNS-GATEBT Management Services
US, Atlanta 2048
AS: variousBLOODSYS-205-143-152-0Blood Systems, Inc.
unannouncedKIRKNETKirkpatrick Pettis Inc.
US, Omaha 2048
unannouncedWESTAFFWestern Staff Services
US, Walnut Creek 2048
unannouncedLES-NET-2Lincoln Electric System (LES)
US, Lincoln 2048
unannouncedGCINET-2Genesis Controls, Inc.
US, Winter Park 2048
unannouncedWARENET-2 Technicolor, Inc.
US, Burbank 2048
US, Washington 2048
unannouncedDELTA1-BLKDelta One
US, Chantilly 2048
AS5078OCUSA-NETOklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts
US, Oklahoma City 2048
AS1798OR-GOV State of Oregon
US, Salem 2048
AS: variousMASSPORT-1The Massachusetts Port Authority
US, East Boston 2048
AS: variousPAROLEFlorida Parole Commission
US, Tallahassee 2048
AS53598NJCMCNational Jewish Medical and Research Center Corporation
US, Denver 4096
unannouncedUHNUnity Health Network
US, Chesterfield 4096
unannouncedOTPOtter Tail Power Company
US, Fergus Falls 4096
AS7341MTSDMillcreek Township School District
US, Erie 4096
AS: variousNET-205-144-48-0-20ADS Alliance Data Systems, Inc.
US, Plano 4096
AS: variousJLLNET1Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.
US, Chicago 4096
AS: variousBOSTCOACHBoston Coach Corp.
US, Everett 4096
AS: variousNISSAN-NANissan North America, Inc.
US, Englewood 4096
AS: variousCONSECO-16Conseco, Inc.
US, Carmel 4096
AS40619CCN-NET-6Clark County Nevada Information Systems
US, Las Vegas 4096
AS: variousCAGNETCSG Systems Inc.
US, Omaha 4096
AS: variousVITALIX Vitalix Inc.
US, Studio City 4096
unannouncedPHSHMOPhysicians Health Services
US, Saint Louis 4096
unannouncedMBBMUS-3MacMillan Bloedel Building Materials
US, Alpharetta 4096
AS30165OPTILINK-NETDalton Utilities
US, Dalton 4096
AS7086MDITSI-BLK07Mississippi, Department of Information Technology Services (ITS)
US, Jackson 4096
unannouncedKOKONETBrigham Young University - Hawaii
US, La'ie 16384
AS: variousALCO-64Ricoh Americas Corporation
US, West Caldwell 16384
US, Ann Arbor 2048
AS62819L1-NETWORKSL1 Networks
US, Honolulu 1024
AS: variousASPIRELIFESTYLES-NETWORKCircle Company Associates, Inc.
US, Chelmsford 512
AS: variousFAMC-NETFranklin American Mortgage Company
US, Franklin 256
unannouncedRHMCRavenswood Hospital Medical Center
US, Chicago 256
AS18962MEDITECH-INCMedical Information Technology, Inc.
US, Westwood 256
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedADT-LLC-205-145-161-0-24ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 256
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
AS62958ADT-LLC-205-145-163-0-24ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 1024
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedADT-LLC-205-145-168-0-24ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 256
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedADT-LLC-205-145-170-0-23ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 256
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 768
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 768
AS: variousADT-LLC-205-145-175-0-23-24ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 768
AS: variousTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
AS62958ADT-LLC-205-145-181-0-24ADT LLC
US, Pompano Beach 256
AS18757TYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedADT-LLC-205-145-183-0-24ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 1536
AS: variousTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedADT1ADT LLC
US, Boca Raton 256
unannouncedTYCOISADT Security Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 8192
AS: variousLENNOXLennox International Inc.
US, Dallas 8192
AS8103FLDEPTCORR-32CFlorida Department of Corrections
US, Tallahassee 65536
AS2914NTTA-205-146NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 16384
AS7397DIGILINK Digilink, Inc.
US, Marina del Rey 4096
AS7385BYTESInterBytes, Inc.
US, Portland 2048
AS: variousQUBE-US-ALLOC-1Qube Managed Hosting Inc.
US, New York City 2048
AS: variousZENEDGE-3Zenedge LLC
US, Sunny Isles Beach 2048
AS: variousE2E-NETWORKS-IN E2E Networks Private Limited
IN, Gurgaon 1024
AS: variousNETACTUATE-AP NetActuate, Inc
HK, Hong Kong 1024
AS17439E2E-NETWORKS-IN E2E Networks Private Limited
IN, Gurgaon 4096
unannouncedCITIZENS-BANK-NETRBS Citizens, NA
US, Riverside 8192
AS: variousIOSNET3IDT Corporation
US, Newark 8192
AS: variousSYTEX-BLOCKSytex Access Ltd.
US, Fairfax 16384
AS: variousPAETECCOMM PaeTec Communications, Inc.
US, Fairport 16384
AS394417NJNET2OTIS; Office of Telecommunications
US, West Trenton 16384
AS: variousRYLANDMortgage Sytems Group (MSG)
US, Scottsdale 16384
US, Englewood 16384
unannouncedDX-NET-BLK2 DataXchange Network, Inc
US, Sunrise 2048
AS7235EMF-NETThe ElectroMotive Force
US, Berkeley 2048
AS: variousGALLATINLittle Apple Technologies
US, Manhattan 4096
AS: variousKLGATES-NETK&L Gates, LLP
US, Pittsburgh 8192
unannouncedCRCNET2Coleman Research Corporation
US, Orlando 8192
AS22192SRU-BLKSlippery Rock University
US, Slippery Rock 8192
unannouncedNETBLK-MHPCC-CBLK3Maui High Performance Computing Center
US, Kihei 4096
AS10453CNI-WEBCreative Network Innovations, Inc.
US, Melbourne 4096
AS14371PBTL-101Paul Bunyan Communications
US, Bemidji 8192
AS2914NTTA-205-149-160NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 16384
US, Dulles 65536
AS701UUNET-2-A MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 256
AS54451FCWA-PUBLICFairfax Water
US, Waldorf 1792
AS: variousBDEB-QC-CA-2College Bois-De-Boulogne
CA, Montreal 2048
unannouncedROGERSWIRELESSINCRogers Wireless Inc.
CA, Brampton 256
AS30336IFK-205-151-16-0Infoteck Inc.
CA, Trois-Rivieres 8704
AS: variousMAPAQMinistere de l'Agriculture
CA, Quebec 256
AS577MDAIDQ-NETMinistere des Affaires Internationales du Quebec
CA, Quebec 256
CA, Montreal 256
unannouncedBNLAS-NETBennett, Nidata, Legare & Associates Solutions
CA, Laval 256
AS3584RIO-NETRegie des Installations Olympiques
CA, Montreal 256
AS5769TSF-205-151-55-0-24Videotron Telecom Ltee
CA, Montreal 256
AS16532B2B2C-PN-1B2B2C Inc
CA, Laval 256
unannouncedSIV-NET1Siv Data International Inc.
CA, Vaudreuil-Dorion 256
unannouncedKVHYMAC-NET1Kvaerner Hymac Inc.
CA, Laval 256
CA, Saint-Laurent 256
unannouncedBDDS-NET1Le Groupe BDDS
CA, Montreal 2304
AS: variousCOQB-TR02Cogeco Cable Holdings Inc
CA, Trois-Rivieres 2560
AS: variousUQUEBEC-9Universite du Quebec
CA, Quebec 256
unannouncedKIRKLAND-80Ville de Kirkland
CA, Kirkland 256
unannouncedKIRKLANDBibliotheque de Kirkland
CA, Kirkland 256
unannouncedSILONEX-INCSilonex Inc.
CA, Montreal 256
AS22652KEOPS-COMKeops Technologies Inc.
CA, Montreal 1024
unannouncedRCO-NET1-84Communications Inter-Acces
CA, Montreal 2048
unannouncedMEMOTEC-88Memotec Communications Inc.
CA, Saint-Laurent 256
unannouncedADCOGNITO-CAAdcognito Inc.
CA, Montreal 256
unannouncedRIO-GOUVRegie desinstallions Olympiques
CA, Montreal 512
CA, Roxboro 256
unannouncedCENTRA-CAClub Centra
CA, Brossard 256
CA, Hampstead 256
unannouncedFUTURINFO-NEFutur Info Inc.
CA, Lac-Brome 256
CA, Pointe-Claire 512
unannouncedTOUCHTouch Communications Ltd.
CA, Hull 1536
unannouncedSTREMY-COMSt. Remy Press
CA, Montreal 256
AS376ASSNATAssemblee nationale du Quebec
CA, Quebec 256
US, Saint Louis 512
AS54649ADC-HQAutomationDirect.com, Inc.
US, Cumming 1024
AS: variousCOOPTEL-QC-CA-07Cooptel Coop de Telecommunication
CA, Valcourt 256
AS16532IRISCOIrisco Inc.
CA, Quebec 256
CA, Quebec 512
unannouncedTWINMIND-QC-CAEntreprise TwinMind
CA, Quebec 256
AS852LANSCO-COMLansco Inc.
CA, Montreal 256
AS852AFFLUENTSCs des Affluents
CA, Montreal 512
AS: variousPORTMONTREALPort of Montreal
CA, Montreal 8192
unannouncedDMR-CADMR Group Inc.
CA, Montreal 512
unannouncedSULZER-CASulzer Canada
CA, Pointe-Claire 512
AS21548NET-CSPICommission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l'Ile
CA, Montreal 256
unannouncedCRC-QCCGI-CACGI Inc.
CA, Quebec 256
unannouncedENVISIONEnvision Software Consultants Inc.
CA, Montreal 512
unannouncedOPTEL-PMLOptel P.M.L.
CA, Saint-Laurent 256
AS22639COOPTEL-QC-CA-08Cooptel Coop de Telecommunication
CA, Roxton Falls
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