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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:NET198
Block size:16777216
Domains in block
Organization:Administered by ARIN
Parent block:
US, United States, Chantilly
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 65536
AS7922CBC-CM-4 Comcast Business Communications, LLC
US, Mount Laurel 2048
AS55140SHO-ME-TECHNOLOGIES Sho Me Technologies, LLC
US, Marshfield 2048
US, New York City 2560
unannouncedNETBLK-SNOCOGOVSnohomish County
US, Everett 512
US, Lincolnshire 1024
AS19893RAGINGWIRE-ISP-05RagingWire Data Centers, Inc.
US, Sacramento 5120
AS: variousNETBLK-SPOKANE-CITYCity of Spokane
US, Spokane 1024
AS53981GOGIIGogii Inc.
US, Marina del Rey 2048
AS15247RADIANT20-CARadiant Communications Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 16384
US, Provo 16384
US, Fremont 16384
AS: variousCRONOMAGICCronomagic Canada Inc.
AS: variousNETBLK-MCGHMount Clemens General Hospital
US, Mt. Clemens 4096
CL, - 8192
AS20001RCWETime Warner Cable Internet LLC
US, Herndon 16384
AS40788START-CA-8Start Communications
CA, London 16384
AS: variousRSG-DELIVERYThe Rocket Science Group, LLC
US, Atlanta 16384
US, San Jose 34816
AS701NETBLK-UUNETCBLK3 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 2048
AS11784AV8IN-NET-1AV8 Internet, Inc
US, Nashua 28672
AS701NETBLK-UUNETCBLK3 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 196608
AS: variousNETBLK-UUNETCBLK4 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 2048
AS2033NETBLK-ACCESS-NET1 Public Access Networks Corporation
US, New York City 2048
unannouncedNETBLK-LITC Lockheed Martin Corporation
US, Denver 4096
AS: variousEDGECAST-NETBLK-06MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
US, Ashburn 6144
AS: variousNETBLK-ALI1Alliant Energy
US, Madison 2048
AS30633LEASEWEB-USLeaseweb USA, Inc.
US, Manassas 8192
AS4193NETBLK-WA-DEPT-LIC State of Washington
US, Olympia 8192
AS: variousHUGESERVER-NETWORKS-19 HugeServer Networks, LLC
US, Los Angeles 16384
AS7018NETBLK-ETCNET Eastern Telelogic Corporation
US, King of Prussia 8192
AS209DU-CLIENTNATDrake University
US, Des Moines 8192
US, North Kingstown 2048
AS: variousENTCOEntergy Corporation
US, Little Rock 2048
US, Knoxville 4096
AS1415NETBLK-SRHCCNETSanta Rosa Healthcare Corp.
US, San Antonio 6400
AS: variousPACOURTS Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
US, Mechanicsburg 256
AS174OTSM24On The Spot Media LLC
US, New York City 512
AS62472ACCRETIVE-HEALTHAccretive Health Inc
US, Chicago 1024
AS: variousHRWEBSERVICES-4HostRocket Web Services
US, Clifton Park 1536
AS: variousNETBLK-CINCOM-NET Cincom Systems, Inc.
US, Cincinnati 512
AS: variousROCKET-FUEL-2Rocket Fuel Inc.
US, Redwood City 2048
unannouncedAEORIAeori, LLC 4096
AS: variousTOTAL-SERVER-SOLUTIONS Total Server Solutions L.L.C.
US, Atlanta 8192
AS17054METRUM-TECHNOLOGIESMetrum Technologies, LLC
US, Waco 32768
AS: variousNETBLK-WAUSAU-INSLiberty Mutual Group
US, Portsmouth 65536
AS10343NETBLK-NSI-CIDR-2National Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 65536
AS24NETBLK-NSI-CIDR-1National Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 1024
unannouncedKFUPM-3King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Information Technology Center Dhahran 31261
SA, Dhahran 1024
AS: variousNETBLK-ECCNET East Central University
US, Ada 2048
AS46887LIGHTOWER-ISP-F Lightower Fiber Networks
US, Boxborough 4096
AS104NETBLK-CU-BUniversity of Colorado - Boulder
US, Boulder 8192
US, Troy 12800
unannouncedDNIC-SNET-198-011-064DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 512
AS26109L-PERRIGO-GLOBALL. Perrigo Company
US, Allegan 1024
AS: variousRUELALA-INCRue La La Inc
US, Boston 2048
AS53301RADIOLINK-ARIN-2Radio Link Internet
US, Ellendale 16384
AS45102ALIBABA-US-CDN Alibaba.comLLC
US, SanMateo 16384
AS36351SOFTLAYER-4-14 SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
US, Dallas 2560
US, Grand Rapids 512
US, Marlton 1024
US, Clackamas 2560
AS: variousNETBLK-CURRENTNET Current Inc.
US, Colorado Springs 1536
AS: variousNETBLK-CURRENTNET11 Current Inc.
US, Colorado Springs 8192
AS: variousAR-RESA16-LACNICRestel S.A.
AR 16384
AS: variousCC-09 ColoCrossing
US, Buffalo 32768
US, Scottsdale 4096
unannouncedNETBLK-HYBRID-1Hybrid Networks, Inc.
US, Cupertino 4096
AS21719CHL-48 CHL
US, Spring Valley 8192
unannouncedNETBLK-QEC Quicksilver Express Courier, Inc.
US, Minneapolis 2560
unannouncedNETBLK-CJLAWRENCE C.J. Lawrence, Inc.
US, New York City 512
US, Livonia 1024
AS36374STELLAR-RRTStellar Association, LLC
US, Chokio 4096
AS: variousWCTEL-NETWest Carolina Communications, LLC
US, Abbeville 8192
AS40676PSYCHZ-NETWORKSPsychz Networks
US, Walnut 32768
CA, Mississauga 4096
unannouncedNETBLK-HYBRID-2 Hybrid Networks, Inc.
US, Cupertino 4096
AS16976SMKTECH-NETBLK-1Five K Technologies
US, Yakima 8192
AS768SATURN-2754th Electronic Systems Group
US, Montgomery 16384
unannouncedNET-HSWEST Howrey & Simon
US, Los Angeles 16384
unannouncedNETBLK-FRANKLIN Franklin Resources, Inc.
US, San Mateo 16384
AS7029WINDSTREAMWindstream Communications Inc
US, Little Rock 2048
AS53823SMT-NETScio Mutual Telephone Association
US, Scio 2048
AS5703TIGERNYTiger Management Coporation
US, New York City 4096 No data/Free/Unallocated 8192
unannouncedNETBLK-AIDAB imported inetnum object for AIDAB
AU, Canberra 16384
US, Phoenix 32768
US, Fremont 1024
AS: variousGW-LOREAL L'Oreal USA
US, Clark 1024
AS54825CADRE-IP4-1Cadre Web Hosting
US, New York City 2048
unannouncedNETBLK-SPRI Schering-Plough Corporation
US, Kenilworth 2304
AS: variousNETBLK-HSU-1 Henderson State University
US, Arkadelphia 256
AS22308VIDYO-NJ1Vidyo, Inc.
US, Hackensack 512
AS: variousKORBEL-NETSF Korbel & Bros Inc
US, Guerneville 1024
US, Marco Island 8192
US, Cheyenne 16384
AS174FDCSERVERS FDCservers.net
US, Chicago 32768
CA, Toronto 256
AS13951HEQ-198-17-0-0HealthEquity, Inc.
US, Draper 256
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-1-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedWALI-NETWestern Automation / Spectra Logic
US, Boulder 256
US, Philadelphia 256
AS13649HITACHI-CTAHItachi Communication Technologies America, Inc
US, Denver 256
AS11404AIM-2AIM Marketing
US, Old Bridge 256
unannouncedTANTIVYTantivy Associates
US, Stanford 256
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-7-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedEASTALCO-2Eastalco Aluminum Co.
US, Frederick 512
unannouncedNETBLK-HOUPOSTThe Houston Post
US, Houston 256
AS36673SIGECOVectren Utility Holdings, Inc.
US, Evansville 256
unannouncedANTELAntel, Inc.
US, Plano 256
AS11827WSUNET4Washington State University
US, Pullman 512
unannouncedNETBLK-MCI-HART McLaren / Hart
US, Rancho Cordova 256
unannouncedFISONSFisons Corporation
US, Rochester 256
unannouncedSBSSanta Barbara Studios
US, Santa Barbara 256
unannouncedENDINETEndicor Technologies, Inc.
US, San Antonio 256
AS14501ENTERPRISEBPEnterprise Business Partners, LLC
US, Columbia 1024
US, Calabasas 1536
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-024DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS11834DUCOM-198-17-30Drexel University College of Medicine
US, Philadelphia 256
unannouncedDOW-NET1The Dow Chemical Company
US, Midland 256
AS62546FRISCOTXISDFrisco Independent School District
US, Dallas 256
unannouncedDOW-NET2The Dow Chemical Company
US, Midland 256
AS16582JMI-INCJMI Services
US, San Diego 256
unannouncedFALCON1-NETPeregrine Systems, Inc.
US, Carlsbad 256
unannouncedTLCSDTechnology Locator Corporation
US, San Diego 256
unannouncedRDINETRDI Computer Corporation
US, Carlsbad 256
unannouncedAEHRAEHR Test Systems
US, Mountain View 256
AS7018PUINETProjects Unlimited, Inc.
US, Dayton 256
AS53577URSINUSUrsinus College
US, Collegeville 256
unannouncedTRANSCONTransTech Consulting Group
US, Oakland 256
US, Bluffton 256
unannouncedOZROUTA.P.Ozrout & Associates
CA, Pointe-Claire 256
US, Lincoln 256
US, La Mesa 256
AS195SDSCFDDIDMZSan Diego Supercomputer Center
US, La Jolla 256
AS195SDSCDMZSan Diego Supercomputer Center
US, La Jolla 256
unannouncedKENTEK-NETKentek Information Systems
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedSQUIDNETPJR Computing
US, Joliet 512
AS: variousSNCR-CHUB-TMARKNewBay Software Inc
US, Seattle 256
AS174WAN-POLAROIDPolaroid Corporation
US, Stevenson 256
unannouncedBEATS-MUSICBeats Music 768
unannouncedDNIC-SNET-198-017-054DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS18703ISSC-DMZIntegrated Systems Solutions Corp.
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedBART2Borstad Associates Ltd.
CA, Sidney 256
unannouncedCRI-NET2Coherent Research, Inc.
US, East Syracuse 512
AS: variousIBCP-INTERNETIndependent Bank Corporation
US, Ionia 256
AS7795VTLSCommunication Network Services of
US, Lightfoot 256
unannouncedMETRONET-NETMetronet BBS Network
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-064DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedKWDKWD Consulting
US, Gainesville 256
unannouncedSEMATECH2Sematech, Inc.
US, Albany 256
AS36821NFRASTRUCTURE-1Sematech, Inc.
US, Albany 256
AS36821NFRASTRUCTURE-2Sematech, Inc.
US, Albany 256
unannouncedNISEVALNISE West Vallejo Det.
US, Vallejo 256
AS1217ORACLE-SGOracle Corporation
SG, Singapore 256
unannouncedARC-FOXVAN1National Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 256
unannouncedARC-FOXFDDINational Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 256
unannouncedARC-FOXVANLNNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 256
US, Palm Springs 256
AS17389IHS-NET2Information Handling Services
US, Englewood 256
unannouncedAMDAHLTEST11Amdahl Test
US, Sunnyvale 256
unannouncedORACLE-UK-PCOracle U.K. Thames Link House 1 Church Road Richmond-Upon-Thames Surrey TW9 2QE
GB, Richmond upon Thames 256
unannouncedOLICOM-USOlicom USA, Inc.
US, Plano 256
unannouncedIANA-RESERVEDInternet Assigned Numbers Authority 256
AS394738FUTURENET-80CFutureNet Communications, Inc.
US, Orient 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-081DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-082DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedCTAGNETJBL Scientific
US, San Luis Obispo 256
US, Frisco 256
unannouncedBSRBusiness Systems Resources
US, Waltham 256
AS4010CESPL-LA-NETHeadquarters, USAISC
US, Fort Huachuca 256
unannouncedMETANETMetagraphics, Inc.
US, Palo Alto 256
unannouncedNUGLTDNetwork Users Group, Ltd.
US, Ypsilanti 256
AS55205PAT-NET-01Patrick Engineering Inc.
US, Lisle 256
unannouncedEXPERVISIONExperVision, Inc.
US, San Jose 256
unannouncedSPLDLAN5Spalding Sports Worldwide
US, Chicopee 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-092DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDSR-SD-NETDigital Systems Research, Inc.
US, San Diego 256
unannouncedDSR-ARLINGDigital Systems Research, Inc.
US, Arlington 256
AS18864FUBTFirst United Bank and Trust Company
US, Durant 256
CA, Calgary 256
AS209DUDLEY-ASSOCD.C. Dudley & Assoc
US, Denver 256
unannouncedFORTE-NETForte Hotels
US, El Cajon 256
AS3555GRCNET2General Research Corporation, International
US, Vienna 256
unannouncedSYNERGY-NETSynergy Microsystems Inc.
US, Encinitas 256
AS195SDSC-SEQUOIASan Diego Supercomputer Center
US, La Jolla 256
unannouncedABBCComputer Systems Consulting Services
US, Austin 768
AS: variousNETBLK-MOT-C-198-17-103Motorola MNIC
US, Schaumburg 256
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-106-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedEMDCS-NETDiversified Computer Systems, Inc.
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedRUDOFF-NETAndrew Rudoff
US, Boulder 256
AS32732QUANTUM2Mark Boolootian
US, Westlake 512
AS22666GLENBROOK-NETWORKGlenbrook High School District
US, Glenview 256
AS13913AFFILIATEDMONITORINGAffiliated Central Inc.
US, Union 768
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-113-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedALDHFNAuldhaefen Associates
US, Akron 256
IT, La Spezia 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
US, Houston 512
AS26458107.237.373/0001-20BANCO DO NORDESTE DO BRASIL S/A
BR, Fortaleza 256
unannouncedSNCCNETBell of PA - State Network Control Center
US, Harrisburg 256
unannouncedRIS-NETResearch Inforamtion Systems
US, Carlsbad 256
unannouncedBINARYBinary Systems Corporation
US, Seattle 256
unannouncedSGNORTONSaint-Gobain/Norton Industrial Ceramics
US, Northboro 256
AS36537BRMIC01Bear River Mutual Insurance Company
US, Murray 256
AS40317TEAMDBNETTeam Air Express, Inc.
US, Winnsboro 256
AS11404CLARK-COMMUNICATIONSClark Communications
US, Palo Alto 256
unannouncedHACRSD1Hughes Aircraft Co.,
US, Culver City 256
AS237BCRCWestern Michigan University
US, Battle Creek 256
AS237GRRCWestern Michigan University
US, Grand Rapids 256
AS237LGRCWestern Michigan University
US, Lansing 256
AS237MURCWestern Michigan University
US, Muskegon 256
AS237SWRCWestern Michigan University
US, Saint Joseph 256
unannouncedMARKETDATAMarket Data Corporation
US, Rye Brook 256
unannouncedGCS-NETGeneral Computer Services, Inc.
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedATGLABS-NETAspen Technology Group
US, Fort Collins 256
unannouncedPEI-NETPerformance Enhancements, Inc.
US, Boulder 256
AS21600LMRI-INETLogistics Management Resources, Inc.
US, Baton Rouge 256
unannouncedORCAEd Rodda
CA, Surrey 256
unannouncedCYBERTIGGERCyberTigger Software Development
US, Hayward 256
unannouncedSLI2Solid Logic, Inc.
US, Corte Madera 256
AS209AGCTUTORAdvance Geophysical Corporation
US, Englewood 256
unannouncedNET-MRCCOSMission Research Corporation
US, Colorado Springs 256
AS14128NU-ICN-SDNational University
US, San Diego 256
unannouncedSPIEGELNETSpiegel, INC.
US, Downers Grove 256
AS1906NGIT-DMS-INRI-198-17-147Northrop Grumman
US, Herndon 256
US, Clinton 256
unannouncedHS-NETHardy Solutions
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedMWARE-STUDIOMicroware Systems Corporation
US, Des Moines 256
unannouncedMICROWARE-2Microware Systems Corporation
US, Des Moines 256
unannouncedFWSR6U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
US, Denver 256
unannouncedAUTODESK-MESAutodesk, Inc.
US, Novi 256
unannouncedJASON-NETWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution
US, Woods Hole 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-155DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-156DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedNCSMikon Computer Systems
US, Torrance 256
unannouncedC-CUBECube Microsystems
US, Milpitas 256
unannouncedC-CUBE1Cube Microsystems
US, Milpitas 256
AS46665MD-STAFFApplied Statistics & Management, Inc.
US, Temecula 256
unannouncedNET-FULKERDavid W. Fulker
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedCHERNYStacey S. Cherny
US, Boulder 256
unannouncedINFOTECHInformation Technology
US, Albuquerque 256
AS20115POLYGON-NETPolygon, Inc.
US, Saint Louis 256
unannouncedARNAVArnav Systems, Inc.
US, Hillsboro 256
unannouncedSPDG-NETStratos Product Development Group
US, Seattle 256
unannouncedPC-OHIOPC-OHIO, Inc.
US, Cleveland 256
AS30462LACEYDavid Lacey
US, Clive 256
AS14477MCCI-HQMCCI Corporation
US, Ithaca 512
AS55072SBS-DRSITEWFRDSharp BancSystems, Inc.
US, Bedford 256
unannouncedDAG-NETDAG Consultants
US, Miami Beach 256
unannouncedEI-ORGEngineering Information
US, Hoboken 256
unannouncedCHC-198-NETChildren's Hospital Colorado
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedOSHA-SLC-NETU.S. Dept of Labor - OSHA Salt Lake City
US, Sandy City 256
AS2572STC-NETSt. Charles Community College
US, Cottleville 256
unannouncedMYAPCMaine Yankee Atomic Power Company
US, Wiscasset 256
AS54034INFOGIXInfogix, Inc.
US, Naperville 256
AS53263GRCCGrand Rapids Community College
US, Grand Rapids 256
unannouncedCPQ-SIC-NL1Compaq Computer B.V. P.O. Box 475 2800 AL Gouda
NL, Gouda 256
unannouncedCPQ-SIC-NL2Compaq Computer B.V. P.O. Box 475 2800 AL Gouda
NL, Gouda 256
unannouncedCPQ-SIC-NL3Compaq Computer B.V. P.O. Box 475 2800 AL Gouda
NL, Gouda 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-183DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-184DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-185DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-186DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-187DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-188DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-189DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-SP-198-017-190DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS27064SPAS-NETNavy Network Information Center (NNIC)
US, Virginia Beach 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-192DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-193DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-194DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS11394RICHARDSON-NET2City of Richardson
US, Richardson 256
AS1224NCSA-XUNETNational Center for Supercomputing
US, Urbana 256
unannouncedGEOMETRICSGeometrics Corporation
US, Madison 256
unannouncedUCSD-SEQUOIA2Scripps Inst. of Oceanography,U.C.S.D.
US, La Jolla 256
AS33145BETHANYBethany Christian Services
US, Grand Rapids 256
unannouncedPSS-198-17-200Providence Software Solutions 256
unannouncedGORCAGORCA Systems Inc.
US, Chandler 256
unannouncedREDBRICKSLRed Brick Systems
US, Los Gatos 256
unannouncedREDBRICKLG2Red Brick Systems
US, Los Gatos 256
unannouncedREDBRICKLG3Red Brick Systems
US, Los Gatos 256
US, Aurora 256
unannouncedICKYIcky Research
US, La Mesa 256
unannouncedFLATLAND-NETFlatland Technologies
US, Houston 256
AS26134NETSOL-LABNetwork Solutions, Inc.
US, Dulles 256
unannouncedTXCOMMERCEFCTexas Department of Commerce
US, Austin 256
US, Belmont 256
US, Austin 256
US, Lee's Summit 256
unannouncedDNIC-SNET-198-017-213DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedBAM-NET2Bruce A. Mitchell
US, Tigard 256
AS20473AESIRAesir Computing, Inc.
US, Herndon 256
US, Anchorage 256
unannouncedANDREW2Andrew Corp.
US, Orland Park 256
unannouncedALLIEDDATAHoneywell Allied Data Communications
US, Norcross 256
AS14582DFC---NETDickinson Financial Corporation
US, Overland Park 256
AS3549TEAMPENTAPenta Technologies, Inc.
US, Milwaukee 256
unannouncedSURF-NETSequent Users Resource Forum
US, Sudbury 256
US, Dallas 256
AS5078CAMERONCameron University
US, Lawton 256
unannouncedNMALSONetwork Systems
US, Albuquerque 256
AS22958TRENDTrend Consulting Services
US, Eastlake 256
US, Albuquerque 256
unannouncedCODESONetwork Systems
US, Englewood 256
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-228-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedTECHCONSTechnology Consultants, Inc.
US, Evergreen 256
unannouncedFOXMEYERFoxMeyer Corporation
US, Carrollton 256
AS264583016.894.782/0001-90DigitalSign Certificaçăo Digital LTDA.
BR, Sao Bernardo do Campo 256
AS264095001.616.929/0001-02Saneamento de Goias S.A.
BR, Goiania 256
AS55151MEHEALTH-NORTHPen Bay Healthcare
US, Northport 256
unannouncedSOFTWARE2Software.com, Inc.
US, Santa Barbara 256
US, Irvine 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-236DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-017-237DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedBRBAB. R. Blackmarr and Associates
US, Dallas 256
unannouncedHICAMSCCWSupport Computer Center
US, Santa Clara 512
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-17-240-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedSBAT-NETNavy Network Information Center (NNIC)
US, Virginia Beach 512
AS: variousNTTA-198-17-243NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 256
unannouncedBILESSoftware Vendor
US, Houston 256
unannouncedFIREFLYFirefly Systems
US, Rockville 256
unannouncedACCESSAccess Graphics, Inc.
US, Boulder 256
AS26036KHNETKootenai Medical Center
US, Coeur d'Alene 256
unannouncedNTTA-198-17-249NTT America, Inc.
US, Greenwood Village 256
unannouncedARTISOFTArtisoft, inc
US, Cambridge 256
AS11322THIBODAUX-REGIONAL-MEDIAL-CENTERThibodaux Regional Medical Center
US, Thibodaux 256
US, Tacoma 256
unannouncedARC-FOXVAN2National Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 256
unannouncedARC-FOXVAN2LNKNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
US, Redstone Arsenal 256
US, Fort Wayne 131072
unannouncedSPECIAL-IPV4-BENCHMARK-TESTING-IANA-RESERVEDInternet Assigned Numbers Authority 2048
AS54473DUKENET-COMMUNICATIONS Dukenet Communications, LLC
US, Charlotte 2048
AS: variousISMC Information Systems Management Corporation
CA, North York 4096
unannouncedNETBLK-GLOMARGlobal Marine, Inc.
US, Houston 8192
CA, London 16384
AS32475SINGLEHOP SingleHop, Inc.
US, Chicago 8192
AS: variousNW-EXTENSIONSmart Solutions IT
US, Bastrop 8192
AS55286B2NETSOLUTIONS B2 Net Solutions Inc.
US, Buffalo 8192
US, Hunt Valley 8192
US, Provo 2048
AS11377SENDGRID02SendGrid, Inc.
US, Denver 2048
unannouncedNETBLK-POCONOPocono Medical Center
US, East Stroudsburg 4096
AS: variousROCHE-198-21-16-0-1 HoffmannLaRoche,Inc.
US, Indianapolis 12800
AS: variousNETBLK-CIA9Central Intelligence Agency
US, Washington 512
US, Fort Worth 1024
US, Richardson 2048
AS: variousFAII-NET Fast-Air Internet, Inc.
US, Caspian 8192
US, Elizabethtown 32768
AS12148CLEMSON-WIRELESS-NETClemson University
US, Clemson 256
US, Chokoloskee 256
unannouncedWYVERNWyvern Technologies
US, Norfolk 512
AS: variousPANDORA-IPV4Pandora
US, Columbia 256
unannouncedJBSNET007JBS, Inc.
US, Chadds Ford 1280
unannouncedNETBLK-NET-CSP Concordia University, St. Paul
US, Saint Paul 256
US, Phoenix 1280
AS: variousNET-198-22-11-12 Engility Corporation
US, Chantilly 256
unannouncedHSTX-ACHughes STX Corporation
US, Lanham 256
AS22826CALIPERCaliper Corporation
US, Newton 256
unannouncedFOFirst Opinion Corporation
US, La Jolla 256
US, Falcon Heights 256
unannouncedATGAspen Technology Group
US, Fort Collins 256
AS54063MHHS-1Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
US, Houston 256
unannouncedMHHS-2Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
US, Houston 256
AS54063MHHS-3Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
US, Houston 256
AS54063MHHS-4Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
US, Houston 256
AS54063MHHS-5Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
US, Houston 256
unannouncedBTGL-3 Communications Corporation
US, New York City 256
unannouncedDNIC-SNET-198-022-027DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS27066DISA-PACDoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedTXCOMMERCEAJTexas Department of Commerce
US, Austin 1024
unannouncedNETBLK-JTI-NETJupiter Technology Inc.
US, Waltham 512
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-22-34-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
AS11037MSSI-97-5295JLDMohawk Shared Services Inc
CA, Hamilton 256
unannouncedAPNIC-ERX-198-22-37-0Asia Pacific Network Information Centre 256
unannouncedCONDORSYSCondor Systems, Inc.
US, Gilroy 256
unannouncedINTTECHNETInteractive Technology, Inc.
US, Beaverton 256
US, Cedar Falls 256
unannouncedAVCTREDMONDAvocent Redmond Corp
US, Kirkland 256
unannouncedNET-CERPLEXThe Cerplex Group
US, Tustin 256
unannouncedDRAMJMData Research Associates, Inc.
US, Lehi 256
AS13536 AS20225 CORSOFCornerstone Software, Inc.
US, Manchester 256
unannouncedBEREANBerean Academy
US, Elbing 256
AS55210HCHA-SAMC-01Southeast Alabama Medical Center
US, Dothan 256
unannouncedALDISimported inetnum object for ADGCPL
AU, Saint Kilda 768 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS47215TRIERArno M. Schenk c/o NETILITY GmbH & Co. KG Breitwiesenstrasse 19 70565 Stuttgart Germany PI Space
DE, Stuttgart 256
unannouncedHPESHewlett-Packard Company
US, Palo Alto 1024
unannouncedNETBLK-NETLABS Netlabs Inc.
US, Los Altos 256
US, Danbury 256
unannouncedDISA-OTI-CMHDoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedSCC-DMZUS Senate
US, Washington 256
AS54269PROVIDENTCUProvident Credit Union
US, Redwood City 256
AS9792WGC-NETimported inetnum object for AIL-5
AU, Gordon 256
unannouncedLODDEN-FV2Lodden Technology, Ltd.
US, Lake Orion 256
AS26096LODDEN-HLNDLodden Technology, Ltd.
US, Dearborn 256
AS12129LODDEN-FV3Lodden Technology, Ltd.
US, Ann Arbor 256
AS12129LODDEN-TL2Lodden Technology, Ltd.
US, Dearborn 256
US, Lake Orion 256
unannouncedLODDEN-CLARKLodden Technology, Ltd.
US, Lake Orion 256
unannouncedDNIC-SP-198-022-068DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS2828CEEIS21Headquarters, USAISC
US, Fort Huachuca 1536
US, Philadelphia 256
unannouncedSAILINGRand & Associates
US, Scarborough 256
unannouncedDISNEY-NYC1Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
US, Burbank 256
unannouncedDANAWIX-DXWix Corporation
US, Gastonia 256
unannouncedDANAWIX-ALWix Corporation
US, Gastonia 1792
unannouncedNETBLK-BCBSVABlue Cross & Blue Shield of Virginia
US, Richmond 256
unannouncedNWMS-MONuclear Waste Management System
US, Vienna 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-022-088DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
AS30608APOLLOGRPUniversity of Phoenix
US, Phoenix 256
unannouncedWFGCitadel Investment Group, L.L.C.
US, Chicago 256
AS14314UTBTSCThe University of Texas at Brownsville
US, Brownsville 256
AS25906LIFETECHLife Technologies Corp.
US, Ashburn 256
unannouncedPDOSNETPersonaldienst in Osnabruck GmbH Klusstr. 9 d-4500 Osnabruck
DE, Osnabruck 256
unannouncedPDMSNETPersonaldienst in Osnabruck GmbH Klusstr. 9 d-4500 Osnabruck
DE, Osnabruck 256
unannouncedPDOLNETPersonaldienst in Osnabruck GmbH Klusstr. 9 d-4500 Osnabruck
DE, Osnabruck 256
unannouncedPDGTNETPersonaldienst in Osnabruck GmbH Klusstr. 9 d-4500 Osnabruck
DE, Osnabruck 256
unannouncedPDBDNETPersonaldienst in Osnabruck GmbH Klusstr. 9 d-4500 Osnabruck
DE, Osnabruck 256
AS53699BTI-IP-BLOCK2Broadband Telecom Inc
US, Ashburn 256
AS2828MBINETMold-Base Industries, Inc.
US, Harrisburg 256
AS33415PERKINS-COIEPerkins Coie, LLP
US, Seattle 256
unannouncedTRLGOLDTouchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.
US, Triadelphia 256
CA, Toronto 256
unannouncedEGGHEADEgghead Software
US, Menlo Park 256
unannouncedEGGNETEgghead Software
US, Menlo Park 256
unannouncedMSX-ANXMSX International 512
US, Saint Petersburg 256
unannouncedPRECORPrecor Incorporated
US, Bothell 256
unannouncedEZ-TIXZEZ-TIXZ, Inc.
US, Palm Harbor 256
US, Saint Louis Park 768
US, Merrillville 256
unannouncedCALNET-MIS1State of California, Department of General Services
US, Sacramento 256
unannouncedCALNET-MIS2State of California, Department of General Services
US, Sacramento 256
unannouncedMASMiller, Anderson & Sherrerd
US, Conshohocken 256
unannouncedGHAMETRONETGroup Health Association, MIS
US, Washington 256
unannouncedISCGIntegrated Systems Consulting Group, Inc.
US, Wayne 256
unannouncedCTC-LANSUS Government Agency
US, Washington 256
unannouncedTAUTRONTau-Tron, General Signal, Inc.
US, Westford 256
unannouncedCOMPUSACompUSA, Inc.
US, Dallas 256
AS11596BESTBUY3Best Buy Co., Inc.
US, Tinton Falls 256
AS11596BESTBUY4Best Buy Co., Inc.
US, Westlake Village 256
AS26086BESTBUY5Best Buy Co., Inc.
US, Richfield 256
unannouncedMUSICLAND-4The Musicland Group, Inc.
US, Minneapolis 256
unannouncedMUSICLAND-5The Musicland Group, Inc.
US, Minneapolis 256
AS13979USDANET4U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - OIRM
US, Fort Collins 256
unannouncedNAPRONapro, Inc.
US, Weddington 256
AS21976BCCNETBurlington County College
US, Pemberton 256
AS1IBCI-NETInternational Bonded Couriers, Inc.
US, Miami 256
AS13649JOHNSMANJohns Manville
US, Los Angeles 256
unannouncedUSDANET5U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - NAL
US, Beltsville 256
AS1706USDANET6U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - OIRM
US, Tucson 256
unannouncedUSDANET7U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - OIRM
US, Fort Collins 256
US, Brainerd 256
US, Somers Point 256
AS7018ITGNET2International Textile Group, Inc.
US, Greensboro 256
US, Los Angeles 256
unannouncedGHIGeneral Health Inc.
US, Baton Rouge 256
unannouncedMDBE-2McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedMDBE-3McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen,LLP
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedMDBE-4McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
US, San Francisco 256
unannouncedMDBE-5McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen
US, San Francisco 256
US, Rye 256
unannouncedSWBTSSouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
US, Fort Worth 256
AS5972YOKOSUKANET2Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)
US, Virginia Beach 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-022-147DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedDNIC-RNET-198-022-148DoD Network Information Center
US, Columbus 256
unannouncedTAMBRANDSTambrands Incorporated
US, Palmer 256
unannouncedCAPNETArchitect of the Capitol
US, Washington 256
unannouncedSPTLNETSealed Power Technologies
US, Muskegon 256
AS3555GRCGeneral Research Corporation
US, Vienna 256
AS33058PEGASYSTEMSPegasystems Inc.
US, Cambridge 256
unannouncedAUTOPROD-USAAutomotive Products (USA) Inc.
US, Auburn Hills 256
unannouncedSPPNET33Southwest Power Pool
US, Little Rock 256
AS20050SPPNET34Southwest Power Pool
US, Little Rock 256
AS20050SPPNET35Southwest Power Pool
US, Little Rock 256
US, Smyrna 256
AS11003MCINETMillstone Coffee, Inc.
US, Everett 256
unannouncedINET-COMI-Net Inc.
US, Tewksbury 256
unannouncedMOMENTUMNET2Momentum Software Corp.
US, Needham 256
AS36007KAMAT-01Kamatera, Inc.
US, New York City 256
unannouncedENSCOENSCO, Inc.
US, Springfield 256
unannouncedJMRELJMR Electronics, Inc.
US, Chatsworth 768
unannouncedNETBLK-DOVER Dover Elevator Systems, Inc.
US, Memphis 256
unannouncedCLBCity of Long Beach Data Center
US, Long Beach 256
unannouncedRPCONestle Purina PetCare Company
US, Saint Louis 256
AS23486WESLACO-ISDWeslaco Independent School District
US, Weslaco 256
unannouncedCHHISCarter Hawley Hale
US, Anaheim 256
unannouncedCHAMPIONChampion Products
US, Rochester 256
unannouncedDUKANE-NETDukane Corporation
US, Saint Charles 256
AS8047NORSLOPEGISNorth Slope Borough Planning Department
US, Barrow 256
unannouncedVASU-USAVASA North America, Inc.
US, Indianapolis 256
AS40166DAEMENDaemen College
US, Buffalo 256
unannouncedELCAJON1El Cajon Police Department
US, El Cajon 256
AS55284USAC-1-NETUniversal Service Administrative Company
US, Washington 256
unannouncedARCTICNETNetwork Systems Company
US, Anchorage 256
AS40572PEMCO-45Pemco Mutual Insurance Company
US, Seattle 256
AS4583TLR-198-22-181-0Thomson Reuters (Legal) Inc.
US, Eagan 256
unannouncedSCNHC-SVIMC-1St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center
US, Little Rock 256
unannouncedSCNHC-SVIMC-2St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center
US, Little Rock 256
AS5026LVVWD-WATERLas Vegas Valley Water District
US, Las Vegas 256
unannouncedWFSIFVSt. Elizabeth Hospital
US, Appleton 256
unannouncedLIPPERNYLipper Analytical
US, New York City 256
unannouncedMADSENChris Madsen Enterprises
US, Walnut Creek
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