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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:AFRINIC
Block size:16777216
Domains in block
Organization:AfriNIC - www.afrinic.net, Allocation for Africa
Parent block:
MU, Mauritius, Ebene
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 1048576
AS37168CELLCCell C (Pty) Ltd
ZA, 1048576
AS37100SEACOM-NET SEACOM Limited, 1st Floor, North Wing, Orange Tower, Cybercity, Ebene, In case of abuse, please contact abuse@seacom.mu
MU, 1048576
AS: variousMobinil The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil)
EG, 1048576
AS33771Safaricom-2014 Safaricom Limited
KE, 1048576
AS36884WANA-INWI-IPv4-2014 Wana Corporate
MA, 1048576
AS: variousEtisalat-2013 ETISALAT MISR
EG, 1048576
AS36947TA23-new Telecom Algeria
DZ, 1048576
AS: variousAirtel-Nigeria Airtel Networks Limited
NG, 2097152
AS: variousMAROM-TELECOM Maroc Telecom
MA, 524288
AS33771safaricom-2012 Safaricom Limited
KE, 524288
AS: variousUnitelMobileCustomers UNITEL SA
AO, 131072
AS2905 AS16637 MTNBS-NET1MTN Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd
ZA, Johannesburg 131072
AS37228orn_Network Olleh Rwanda Network LTD
RW, 262144
AS: variousMobinil The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil)
EG, 262144
AS37457Telkom-Internet Telkom SA Ltd.
ZA, 262144
AS36925Meditel-Network-3G-and-4G MEDITELECOM
MA, 262144
AS: variousMobinil The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil)
EG, 262144
AS24835Vodafone-Data Vodafone Data
EG, 524288
AS: variousEtisalat-2012 ETISALAT MISR
EG, 1048576
AS2905 AS16637 MTN-SA MTN SA
ZA, 262144
AS37457Telkom-Internet Telkom SA Ltd.
ZA, 131072
AS37457Telkom-Internet Telkom SA Ltd
ZA, 131072
AS36926MobileBroadband Airtel Networks Kenya Limited
KE, 65536
AS37009MTC-Netman-Customer MTC - Mobile Telecommunications, Ltd.
NA, 65536
ZA, 65536
AS: variousZAIN-MALAWI Zain Malawi
MW, 32768
AS36974mtnci MTN Cote d'Ivoire S.A
CI, 4096
AS33779ISPNET Wataniya Telecom Algerie
DZ, 4096
AS30999EMTEL-ISP Emtel Ltd
MU, Quatre Bornes 4096
AS37525BYTES-CON-1 Bytes Connect, a Division of Bytes Technology Group
ZA, Midrand 4096
AS: varioustelecel-faso Telecel Faso
BF, Ouagadougou 4096
AS: variousICSL Information Connectivity Solutions Limited
NG, 2048
AS: variousRCS-South-Sudan RCS-Communication
SS, Juba 2048
MZ, Maputo 4096
AS37487guineanet GUINEANET
GQ, 4096
AS36963OrangeBotswanaOrange Botswana
BW, 65536
AS2905 AS16637 MTNBS-DSL MTN Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd
ZA, 65536
AS2905 AS16637 MTN_ADSL MTN Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd
ZA, 131072
AS36998ZAIN-SD Mobitel (Sudanese Mobile Telephone Co Ltd aka ZAIN)
SD, 1048576
AS: variousVODACOM-06062012 Vodacom (Pty) Ltd