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United States  
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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:THENET-CIDR-8
Block size:65536
Domains in block
Organization:University of Texas System
Parent block:
US, United States, Austin
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 2048
AS3354ANGLETON-ISDAngleton Independent School District
US, Angleton 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS3354KELLY-CHS1Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School
US, Beaumont 10752 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS3354KELLY-CHS2Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School
US, Beaumont 2816 No data/Free/Unallocated 8192
AS3354ALIEF-ISD4Alief Independent School District
US, Houston 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
AS3354ALVIN2-CC-TXAlvin Community College
US, Austin 2048 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS3354NEWTONCOTX-114Newton County
US, Deweyville 256
AS3354ORANGECOTX1County of Orange, Texas
US, Orange 1024
AS3354GALVESTONCOCounty of Galveston
US, Galveston 3584 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
AS3354OTS-207-80-134-0-23Lamar Institute of Technology
US, Austin 30720 No data/Free/Unallocated