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Subnets in block -

Net block: -
Block name:TELAC-BLK11
Block size:65536
Domains in block
Organization:TELUS Communications Inc.
Parent block:
CA, Canada, Burnaby
I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country 16384 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
AS852IMAGEN209-53-64-0Imagen Communications Inc
CA, Burnaby 4352 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
CA, Burnaby 768 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852BCSYMPAT-CA4B C Sympatico
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852PFCN17-CAPacific Coast Net Inc.
CA, Vancouver 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 64
CA, Burnaby 64 No data/Free/Unallocated 128
CA, Burnaby 768 No data/Free/Unallocated 768
AS852CITYRICH-CACity of Richmond
CA, Richmond 768 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852INTERLIBSYS1-CAInternational Library Systems
CA, Toronto 16
AS852PFC1-CAPacific Coast Net Inc.
CA, Toronto 8
AS852PREP-209-53-100-32Pacific Rim Engineered Products Ltd.
CA, Toronto 8
AS852DUNKLEY-209-53-100-40Dunkley Lumber Limited
CA, Toronto 16
AS852CITYVANPOLICE-209-53-100-48City of Vancouver-Vancouver Police Department
CA, Toronto 96 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
AS852PFC2-CAPacific Coast Net Inc.
CA, Toronto 320 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
AS852INTERACTIVE-5BC Interactive
CA, Calgary 256
AS852CARIBOO2-CACariboo Regional District
CA, Quesnel 112 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852TBS-209-53-105-112TELUS Business Solutions
CA, Vancouver 8 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852TCTS-209-53-105-128TELUS Convergent Technology Solutions
CA, Vancouver 16
AS852TCTS-209-53-105-144TELUS Convergent Technology Solutions
CA, Vancouver 16
AS852TCTS-209-53-105-160TELUS Convergent Technology Solutions
CA, Vancouver 336 No data/Free/Unallocated 768
AS852RADIANT5-CARadiant Communications Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 64 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852TECK2-CATeck Corporation
CA, Burnaby 440 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852POCCSYS2-CAPen!etics Development Inc.
CA, Courtenay 256
AS852ABSOLUTE1-CAAbsolute Software Corp.
CA, Burnaby 16
AS852CUCBC4-CACentral 1 Credit Union
CA, Burnaby 16
AS852CUCBC-209-53-114-16Credit Union Central of BC
CA, Burnaby 32
AS852CUCBC-209-53-114-32Credit Union Central of BC
CA, Burnaby 64 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
AS852BCTV-CABCTV a Division of WIC Television
CA, Burnaby 16
AS852BCTSSI-CABCTEL System Support Inc.
CA, Burnaby 16
AS852BALLARD3-CABallard Power Systems
CA, Burnaby 32 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852ACCURATELOCK-CAAccurate Lock & Safe Company
CA, Burnaby 16 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
CA, Burnaby 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852URBAN1-CAUrban Web Inc.
CA, Victoria 256
AS852CROWN-CACrown Packaging Ltd.
CA, Richmond 128
AS852GEORGIA-CA1Georgia Straight The
CA, Vancouver 40 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852INTRL-CAInterior Roads Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 8 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852IMI-209-53-120-184Ingram Micro Inc.
CA, Vancouver 64
AS852INTRAWEST21-CAIntrawest Corporation - BC
CA, Vancouver 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852INTERACTIVE10-CABC Tel Interactive
CA, Burnaby 512
AS852CONNECTED-CAConnected Networks
CA, Vancouver 256
AS852NETID-BLK2Net Idea Telecommunications
CA, Nelson 224
AS15247RADIANT13-CARadiant Communications Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 32
AS15247RADIANT15-CARadiant Communications Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 256
AS852ISLAND-BLK5Island Internet
CA, Nanaimo 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 128
AS852FLETCHERS-BLK3-CAFletcher's Fine Foods Ltd.
CA, Richmond 128 No data/Free/Unallocated 1536
CA, Prince Rupert 392 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852WESTCU-CAWestcu Insurance Services Ltd
CA, Prince George 16
AS852NIHO2-CANIHO Land & Cattle Company Ltd.
CA, Prince George 16 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852FRVLYRE3-CAFraser Valley Real Estate Board
CA, Prince George 160 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852NEWLINE-CANew-Line Products Ltd.
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852ASSENG-CAAssociated Engineering
CA, Burnaby 16
CA, Burnaby 64 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852MDSMET-CAMDS Metro Laboratory Services
CA, Burnaby 48 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
AS852CANACCORD3-CACanaccord Capital Corp.
CA, Hope 32
AS852CANACCORD4-CACanaccord Capital Corp.
CA, Hope 192 No data/Free/Unallocated 512
AS852PFCNI-1Pacific Cost Net Inc.
CA, Vancouver 256
AS852BUSCORE8-CATELUS Advanced Communications
CA, Vancouver 1280 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852ONRAMP-209-53-149-0On Ramp Network Services
CA, Burnaby 248 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
CA, Burnaby 32
AS852PENREAL1-CAPeneral Capital Management Inc.
CA, Burnaby 512 No data/Free/Unallocated 64
AS852AA-CAA&A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd.
CA, Burnaby 80 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852WCOG1-CAWorldwide Church of God
CA, Burnaby 32
AS852TEAMSTERS2-CATeamster's Local Union #31
CA, Burnaby 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852YOURL-3BC Cable
CA, Burns Lake 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
CA, Burnaby 336 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852SPECTRAGP-CASpectra Group of Greater Restaurants Inc.
CA, Burnaby 32
AS852STREAMINT3-CAStream International Canada Inc.
CA, Burnaby 2528 No data/Free/Unallocated 64
AS852KOBELT2-CAKobelt Development Inc. D/B KDI
CA, Burnaby 192 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852DISTOFMISS1-CADistrict of Mission
CA, Burnaby 40 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852MERTINPONT-CAMertin Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852LIEBERT2-CALiebert Canada
CA, Burnaby 32
AS852INTRWRP3-CAInterwrap Industries Inc.
CA, Burnaby 8
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852STREAMINT2-CAStream International Canada Inc.
CA, Burnaby 16 No data/Free/Unallocated 1536
AS852RADIANT3-CARadiant Communications Ltd.
CA, Vancouver 256
AS852FRASERHEALTH209-53-175-0Fraser Health Authority
CA, Surrey 24 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
CA, Vancouver 96 No data/Free/Unallocated 128
AS852LBOC2-CALeading Brands of Canada Inc.
CA, Vancouver 256
AS852ABC-208-53-177-0ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd
CA, Prince George 512
AS852ABC-208-53-178-0ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd
CA, Prince George 512
AS852VANPUBLIB1-CAVancouver Public Library
CA, Vancouver 1536 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852DETNORSKE-CADet Norske Veritas
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852SINBLK2Sinclair Dental
CA, Burnaby 8
AS852BARNES-209-53-188-16Barnes Wheaton Pontiac Buick GM
CA, Burnaby 232 No data/Free/Unallocated 128
AS852LONDONDRUGS-CALondon Drugs Ltd.
CA, Richmond 8
AS852SDS-209-53-189-128Sound Data Systems
CA, Richmond 8 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852VERNON-209-53-189-144City of Vernon
CA, Richmond 32
AS852RICHPORT-CARichport Ford Sales Ltd.
CA, Richmond 64 No data/Free/Unallocated 128
AS852WESTCOAST1-CAWestcoast English Language Centre
CA, Vancouver 16
CA, Vancouver 48 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852PETERBILT-PACIFIC-INCPeterbilt Trucks Pacific Inc.
CA, Vancouver 8
AS852AVYOUNG-CAAvison Young Commercial Real Estate
CA, Vancouver 8 No data/Free/Unallocated 16
AS852EPSON-CAEpson Research and Development
CA, Vancouver 176 No data/Free/Unallocated 32
AS852BCLOTTO-209-53-191-160BC Lottery Corp-WEB Service
CA, Burnaby 64
AS852VIVIDSOL1-CAVivid Solutions Inc.
CA, Burnaby 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 5632
AS852CIPHERKEYCipherkey Exchange Corp.
CA, Richmond 1280
AS852DIGITAL-CADigital Ark Internet Services
CA, Vancouver 256 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852BCTI-BLK2BC Tel Interactive
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852BCTI-BLK4BC Tel Interactive
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852PARASUN-209-53-223-0Parasun Technologies Inc
CA, New Westminster 32
AS852HEFFEL-CAHeffel Gallery Ltd.
CA, Kamloops 72 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852PACCOAST-CAPacific Coast Airlines Ltd.
CA, Kamloops 16
CA, Kamloops 64
AS852CIPHERKEYCipherkey Exchange Corp.
CA, Kamloops 24 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
AS852UDSS-209-53-224-216Utopia Day Spas and Salons Ltd
CA, Kamloops 32 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852BCTI-BLK12BCTEL Interactive
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852BCTI-BLK13BCTEL Interactive
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852BCTI-BLK11BCTEL Interactive
CA, Burnaby 256
AS852BCTI-BLK14BCTEL Interactive
CA, Burnaby 768
AS852NORTHINTER-CANorthern Interior Regional Health Board
CA, Prince George 256
AS36000NORTHINTER2-CANorthern Interior Regional Health Board
CA, Prince George 512
AS852BCTSECURITY-CABCTEL Corporate Security Service
CA, Vancouver 512 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852QCISLANDS-209-53-237-0QC Islands Net
CA, Masset 256
AS852QCISLAND1-CAJim Pazarena D/B QCI Islands Nets
CA, Queen Charlotte 512
AS852URBAN2-CAUrban Web Inc.
CA, Victoria 320 No data/Free/Unallocated 8
CA, Burnaby 696 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852BCTI10-CABC TEL Interactive
CA, Burnaby 1024 No data/Free/Unallocated 256
AS852BCTI11-CABCTEL Interactive (Sympatico)
CA, Burnaby 1280 No data/Free/Unallocated