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Registered IPv4 address blocks in Tsche-mul-p-ho, Korea, Republic of (KR)

Ordered by block size.

N I Block start End of block Size D AS Block name Organization Country
1 256
AS9633 SLC-KRSUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
2 256
AS3786 WOWPC4033668DWOWPC BANG PC Game Plaza User in DaiMyung-7dong Nam-gu TAEGU
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
3 256
AS3786 HANKUKANJENGONGD4024681DHankukanjengongdan Business User in Gusan-dong Bupyong-gu INCHON
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
4 256
AS3786 GURO4040982DGURO CABLE BROADCAST brodcasting corporation Kuro3-dong Kuro-gu SEOUL
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
5 128
AS3786 CYBERCITY4046366DCYBERCITY Business User in Gesan-dong Gueyang-gu INCHON
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
6 64
AS3786 IDASCOM4042492DIdascom Pc PC Game Plaza User in Moksang-dong Daeduk-gu TAEJON
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
7 64
AS3786 NETBURST4018437DNetburst PC Game Plaza User in Cheongju-s CHU CHUNGBUK
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
8 64
AS3786 HAMIDATA4047468DHamidata Business User in Hwaam-dong Yoosung-gu TAEJON
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
9 64
AS3786 G4030034DG.STATION PC ROOM PC Game Plaza User in Jungang-dong Dongducheon-shi KYONGGI
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
10 64
AS3786 GUILD4030172DGuild PC PC Game Plaza User in Giheung-eup Yongin-shi KYONGGI
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
11 64
AS3786 JOL4031140DJOL RA PC ROOM PC Game Plaza User in Baekun-dong Nam-gu KWANGJU
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho
12 32
AS3786 HWANGJAEWOOK4025575DHwangjaewook Business User in Sanbon-dong Kunpo-shi SEOUL
KR, Tsche-mul-p-ho