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IPv4 info

Welcome to all-in-one tool to view ipv4 netblock registration data, address allocation table, all domains for ip address, all domains in registered netblock, ASN registration data and originated prefixes.

Start your search by selecting root /8 block in table or in line, or enter ip address, domain name or AS number in the search field.

1 All /8 blocks

2016/07/22 - Domains in announced prefix. Examples:,
2016/04/20 - Full-text search in title and description of network blocks. Examples: Google, Toyota, CERN.
2016/04/06 - AS lists by country. Only for registered users.
2016/04/01 - Recent requests.
2016/03/11 - New logo.
2 RIPE NCC /8 blocks
3 ARIN /8 blocks
4 APNIC /8 blocks
5 LACNIC /8 blocks
6 AFRINIC /8 blocks
7 IANA blocks